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"The CCLR contains a wealth of information, well organized and written in straightforward language, with the capacity to extract just the defense-favorable cases for those occasions when that's what's needed. Plus, there's a newsletter summarizing recent case law developments. An excellent resource for the harried and the in-depth researcher alike."

Richard Neuhoff

"It’s been the starting (and often ending) point of my research for years. The website is fast, accurate and comprehensive. I now access cases in seconds. I can even limit my searches to opinions where the defense argument won, which is a terrific feature."

Patricia Scott
Past President
California Appellate Defense Counsel

"The California Criminal Law Reporter is of immense help to me in flagging important issues in recent cases. This resource helps me keep afloat."

Chuck Sevilla

"A terrific service. The index is superb and the author has the unique ability to summarize a difficult holding and make it readable."

Larry Biggam

"It is without question the best way to find cases."

Wes Van Winkle

"Every serious criminal defense practitioner owes it to his or her clients to have the Callifornia Criminal Law Reporter. The brief factual synopses of the cases are especially valuable in finding needed case law when pressed for time, or in the heat of trial. A number of times the Reporter has helped me snatch victory from the jaws of defeat."

Robert A. Schwartz,
Past President,
Los Angeles Criminal Courts Bar Association