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Hi, I'm Pat Ford.

Welcome to the California Criminal Law Reporter. The CCLR has been California's top case update service since 1983, and is now appreciably better. Criminal cases from the California courts are summarized daily and published online. I summarize each holding within a case (rather than a single summary for an entire case). Each summary is indexed to our user- friendly system and grouped with other holdings on the same topic. Summaries are published daily so that readers can keep current with the case law in a matter of minutes each day. We also provide one free summary each day in our "Today's Case" feature which is available to nonsubscribers. While the daily summaries provide an important function, the true value of the service is the ability to access all relevant cases when researching a particular issue.

Not only can one find all cases on a specific issue, one can further refine a search by finding all cases favorable to the defense argument on that issue. The summaries are also linked to the full text of the case through the Findlaw service.

While we also provide a "key word" search option, the CCLR is structured around our topical index. I strongly recommend searches by index numbers which eliminates the gaps that exist in all key word searches.

California's finest lawyers have told us for years that the CCLR is an important part of their practice. (Please refer to the testimonial page.) The service will make you a better lawyer by updating your knowledge of the case law, spot issues you had not previously considered, and save your valuable time.

I look forward to serving you for years to come.


Patrick Morgan Ford

Pat Ford